In a shocking display of entrenched incumbent audacity, the Democratic candidates for freeholder have been touting their $276 million “tax relief plan.”  Well, the first problem with this assertion is that their “plan” is not a plan at all, but rather simply a 20 year extension of Union County’s waste disposal lease, an extension that doesn’t even start until 2025.  This isn’t spending cuts, or revenue generation, or any other kind of real plan, but rather just an extension of an existing lease.

More misleading is their assertion that it is a $276 million relief plan.  They justify the large number (no doubt designed to entrance voters) by comparing the costs of waste disposal this year with the savings from that price they will get with the new contract over the next 35 years.  You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the savings per year is only $7.9 million, or about 1.5% of the $472 million budget.

Worse still, the end result is that they signed a terrible deal for Union County.  Waste disposal costs have been going down for years, and they lock us into a contract for the next 35 years at today’s rate.  In fact, the same Democrats who fashion themselves as environmentalists lock us into an incinerator (greenhouse gasses, anyone?) contract that with needed environmental advances will be obsolete in the near future anyway.

Calling this extension a “tax savings plan” is insulting to the intelligence of the voters of Union County, and simply highlights the need for new leadership on the Freeholder Board.  It is one of the many reasons voters should elect Councilwoman Ellen Dickson, attorney Brian Flanagan, and former Councilwoman Elyse Medved in tomorrow’s election, candidates who bring some hope of actually reducing our massive County tax burden.