You justly love your dog or cat and, if you love pets that much, maybe it's even your dog and cat.

What you don't love are some of the shall we say more challenging aspects of pet ownership as it relates to your living space, specifically the effects a pet can have on the wear and tear of the abode you decorated with the same levels of devotion and adoration you bestow on your furry friend.

Not to worry, we have some simple tips to deal with these 'Pet Peeves' which will help your two 'loves' coexist and look great at the same time.

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- Trim your pet's nails regularly to limit scratches as well as carpet and fabric unraveling.

- Keep pets play toys to a designated area to reduce flooring damage.

- Brush your pet regularly to minimize shedding.

- Put a rubber mat under area rugs to minimize slippage.

- Wipe paws and sensitive areas after outdoors visits to minimize debris.

- Vacuum regularly, place doormats at all entrances to capture the muck and yuck before it makes its way further into your home.

- Have eco-friendly, enzyme pet cleaning products at the ready.

Now, before you decorate -- or redecorate -- here are some key tips that can make your home beautiful and pet friendly:

- Choose flooring that is durable and makes sense.

Hardwoods are beautiful, but susceptible to scratching and dents, as well as not as resistance to moisture. Think about choosing a vinyl, laminate, ceramic, cork or carpet in lieu of hardwoods. If carpet is the call, select a low-pile, tight weave, or perhaps a carpet tile.

For textiles, also select fabrics that are tightly-woven such as canvas, micro-fiber, micro-suede, denim and twill. Pick patterns in areas where your pet likes to hang out and-or sleep, as they will hide shedding hair and other temporary messes until you have had the chance to tidy up... and, choose a paint -- semi-gloss is a great option -- that is durable and can be cleaned without the danger of damaging or, worse, removing the finish.