When I learned that David Naidu was running for town council, I was excited as a resident of the City of Summit. At a time when the national political system begs the question, “Why would you ever get into politics?” we, as residents of one of our state's finest communities, need to continue to develop local politics at the grassroots level.
We are living in an excellent community, it is imperative we elect the best candidates as our representatives to be responsible leaders for our community. I wholeheartedly endorse David Naidu for election to Summit’s Common Council as Ward I representative.

David Naidu epitomizes what is great here in Summit. I have known David for over ten years as a neighbor and friend. From the first time I met him, I knew him to be an articulate and caring person. As I got to know him better, I got to know someone who is unafraid of new challenges, someone who is well-versed in many different areas, someone who is extremely devoted to his family, and equally devoted to his community.

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The one thing that I have learned from David’s campaign that impresses me the most is his motivation. Not only his motivation to want to help to continue to improve Summit, but what his motivation is behind his campaign. David wants to teach his two sons the importance of giving back to one’s community, a genuine lesson in old-fashioned civics. To me, this dedication is most refreshing.

David has become involved in many efforts in Summit. As a member of the Planning Board, the Environmental Commission and, most recently, as a founding member of The Summit Conservancy, David has contributed greatly to our community.
The Summit Conservancy is establishing initiatives to help preserve, protect, and enhance the natural resources for Summit. The Passaic River trail project will re-establish a beautiful and natural trailhead. The Summit Free Market will allow for residents to help recycle, reuse, and donate items not only within the community but for veterans and the needy.

One of David’s main objectives is to increase transparency at the local government level. David is an advocate to establish a dedicated Economic Development Officer. With our downtown struggling, we need to re-energize our downtown commerce. The resurgence of our downtown economy and continued commitment to support our schools are the mainstays to David’s platform.

The terms "critical thinking" and "problem solving" are part of David Naidu’s core. As a professional, he is a well-regarded and published attorney. As a resident of Summit, David has proven his involvement as a successful leader. Please join me in your support for David Naidu as the Ward I representative for the Summit Common Council.
David will have a positive and widespread impact benefitting all of Summit. Vote for David Naidu in our upcoming election on November 3.
Kenneth Vostal