Don’t Settle For Fake Tax Reform. Let our Voices be Heard. Come to a FairTax Rally!!! on Saturday April 15th 11:00 am - 1:pm, at  Trump Tower, E Side of 5th Ave betw. 55th and 56th Streets, New York.

This May be The Most Important Issue of our Lifetime and this will be our best chance to see True Tax Reform become the Law of the Land!

The US Tax Code is destroying our nation. It is destroying American jobs by sending businesses overseas, it causes Patriotic American citizens fear of being audited. It lowers our standards of living, puts our jobs,  pensions, and savings at risk  to benefit career politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups.

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During his campaign for President, Donald Trump called for tax reform. His vision was a revised tax code that;

1) Simplifies the Tax Code

2) Eliminates the Estate Tax

3) Gives Incentive for US Businesses to retain and create jobs here in the US.

4) Eliminates the "Marriage Penalty"

5) Grows the American Economy

The FairTax and only The FairTax will accomplish all the things President Trump  is asking for while creating a broader tax base. The FairTax will be a win-win for America.

The FairTax is looking to hold sister rallies concurrently throughout the nation. If you live in the NY Metropolitan Area please consider doing us or consider attending one of the various rallies being held.

This is our chance and our time, Let's make The FairTax a Reality!!

Contact: Dave Corsi  or, 1-800-FAIRTAX