Flowers impact our happiness and create intimate connections. The right choice of flowers provide a unique way of connecting people on an emotional level. So, let’s see what are the trends for 2017 in the world of flowers, and how we will be able to make our connections closer and bring more joy to the lives of our friends and family.

French Connection

A sophisticated mix of home decor and textiles of the French countryside combined with Parisian formal design. This trend is showcasing softer colors of red, graphic grey and chocolate truffle, and offset by pastel palette of blush pink and sage. When thinking about France, we imagine romantic blooms of roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and orchids, and certainly looking at timeless elegant flower arrangements.

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Force of Nature

This year is all about green and blue. Our connection to the nature is becoming closer and deeper. So we can see that in floral arrangements this year, where casual nautical theme overflowing with garden wonders. For those who love all types of greenery, this trend is just right. Ferns, foliages, hydrangeas, heirloom roses, scabiosa, succulents placed in frosted glass containers or aged metallics, blue ceramics.

Modern Wonders

Where simple lines combined with old Asian style, this trend showcases warm golds, taupes, orange, and offset by cooler tones of grey blue, and smokey lavender. This style will be closer to those who likes tropical flowers - Makara orchids, ginger, calla lilies, Anthuriums, and sunflowers. For those who prefer contemporary and modern style, this trend is a must.

Into the Jungle

Featuring urban fever and vivid colors, this trend brings a refreshing look and alluring summer feel on the flower arrangements. Sun - kissed shades of orange, yellow, red flowers, such as calla lilies, bird of paradise, freesia, celosia, protea, tulips, tropical leaves, mosses and vines, are your choices for this trend.