People ask me all the time how I can support Mike Vernotico as the Democratic candidate for Ward 2.  It’s interesting because, in my last campaign in 2008, Mike was my opponent.  I have always said that in local elections your opponent is also your neighbor.  Well, in some cases, your opponent can also become your candidate!

The real answer is that, after that election in 2008, I saw Mike on Council and I saw the way he tended to vote along the same lines as Steve Murphy and Mayor Glatt and I found myself agreeing with him most of the time.  (You can imagine, this was not easy for me fresh off my defeat!)  Then, after his own defeat in the Mayoral race in 2011, Mike started to come to Summit Democrats events and meetings.  He began to earn the trust and respect of our members and when he eventually began to consider running again, this time as a Democrat, the members embraced him and unanimously voted him in as our candidate.

The more I have gotten to know Mike over the last year or so, the more comfortable I have become with his views and the more impressed I have become with the breadth of his knowledge of the workings of Council and the City.  I believe Mike is the best candidate to truly move Summit forward.  I hope the citizens of Ward 2 have a chance to see the same Mike I have seen and will come out and support him on November 5.

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Terri Tauber

Chair, Summit Democrats