Emojis everywhere? Raffles? Food? Games? What can this be? A beautiful Spring day  is where it all began. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., The Franklin Fair fun erupted! Children of all ages came together in a day of family fun! Fun is the least you could call it. Toys of all sizes coated the tables, as sweet smells of treats circled the room. Lexie Malik, one of the members of the journalism club states, “The Fair was a great opening to interact with friends, and win prizes. We walked out with a memory of friendship and indulgence.”

Plus, around every corner, you were sure to meet somebody new. So kids dared to try it! Thriving to new levels and gaining tickets for prizes can make a memory of a lifetime! On top of that, the Franklin Fair featured a Cake Walk, a Silent Auction, {For the adults,} Popcorn, Snow Cones, Children's Raffles, Games, and a Bouncy Castle!  You were in for a treat right when you step into the magical Franklin School- it’s like your golden road to… adventure!

Mainly, kids would really want to participate in things if there was a pot of gold at the end, or a cookie, [or a phone like me] but we offered something better! Family, friends, fun- and let's be honest- prizes, all mixed together as one! The Franklin Fair was a great example of having fun, no matter what your hobbies are, or what your personality is. Maybe there is something a little better than that- coming together and making memories! Franklin’s student, and member of the journalism club, Maggie O’Laughlin reports her opinion. “The Franklin Fair is like a game of tug- of- war, even if you don’t want to put time into trying, you will find yourself there anyway.”

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Stop! Wait, who’s behind all of this fun?-  The Principal, Ms. Mirrione! We wanted to see what Ms. Mirrione thought- in person, so we asked her, “How would you describe the Franklin Fair?” She clearly cares for the Franklin Fair that she said this, “A special community gathering that brings us together for fun activities.” The Franklin Fair was clearly a great example as students came together in friendship and fun, and Franklin School’s Principal, Mrs. Mirrione really tied it together. As an add- on to the Franklin fun, it boost money for Franklin’s students education, so each and every student has a bright day… everyday.

It was a win- win for the students and the parents! Plus, it was a great way to celebrate each and every year at the wonderful Franklin School- where kids come, and where kids go- ending on a happy note… prepared for the next step!