At Franklin Elementary School, students danced and told the story of "Shrek." Franklin Fourth and Fifth Graders and some of the best 'Broadway' producers -- Holly Raye, Anneliese Wilson, and Simon Holland -- made this show happen after months of hard work.

The students worked for months from October to mid-February. At first, everyone tried out and were very nervous about their parts in the production. Soon, the journey began and students grew more confident about this production. “It was a blast even though it was two hours and sometimes you would sing songs over and over again” said Joseph Gross. The kids put their time and days after school into practicing for hours to get home around dinner time. They put there other sports and activities to the side and focused their minds on "Shrek."

Finally, the opening night came where the kids danced and sang their hearts out. There were three performances and in the end, all the work paid off. “When I was little, I always had a dream to become a celebrity and being in 'Shrek' is the start of my dream come true,” says Joseph Gross. This show will be a memory that will last forever. The tickets were sold out weeks before the show was even put on stage. In the end, the students told the story of how a little ogre came to live on a swamp with a beautiful princess. They also learned that the journey to the end of a production is long and hard, but well worth it!

Samantha Cooper is Fourth Grader at Franklin Elementary School.