So, you are sitting in your stylist's chair and looking in the mirror thinking about a change, but still want to keep your length and you ask your hairstylist: Should I get bangs?

For some of you, the mere thought of adding bangs a.k.a. “fringe” back into your hairstyle brings you back to the painful process of growing out your late 80s early 90s bangs.

No need to fear. With the correct style fringe for your face shape, you can update your look simply by adding some fringe. There are certain styles of fringe that work better depending on the shape of your face.  For example,

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ROUND shape face, a soft wispy fringe or a side swept fringe is

An OVAL shape face works with most styles of bangs, so go for it!

HEART shape face is complimented with either full, pieced bangs or long
side swept ones.

SQUARE shape face will work best with fringe that lay just below the
eyebrows and slightly longer on the side.

An OBLONG / LONG face with a high forehead area with be softened with long,
heavy, blunt cut bangs to make the face seem more oval.

DO consult your hairstylist on these styles. Hair texture plays another important factor and a DIY job in front of the bathroom mirror may not be the best idea!

But don’t be afraid to make a change, have fun!

Summit's newest salon, Salon Capelli, is not really new -- it just feels that way!

Salon Capelli, formerly Clips of Summit, is an upscale, modern salon that strives to bring our clients the very best and highest quality hair design, ensuring every valued client leaves happy. 
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Salon Capelli's ownership team are not really new either, with Lori Solomine and Jodi Smith combining to offer more than three decades of service to customers at the location -- have assumed ownership.
Our services now include Hair, Nails, Facials, Massage, Spa, Bridal and more. Men, and kids are a big part of our customer base, and always welcome at the salon, which is located at 447 Springfield Avenue. For complete operating hours, give Lori or Jodi a call at 908-598-9600, or visit