SUMMIT, NJ – With power outages still rampant in our area and temperatures dipping below the freezing mark, Summit resident Amy Feng is frustrated at JCP&L’s inability to restore Summit’s residents to full power.  However, instead of complaining about it, she’s doing something about it.

Feng, who has been living in Summit for three years, has already suffered two major blackouts in those three years.  Last year, during the October snowstorm, she lost power for seven days.  At the time she had a four month old son.  With Sandy, she has lost power for ten days so far.

She has started an online petition to have her voice and those of other Summit residents heard who are upset with how JCP&L has dealt with the power outage and most importantly, how the company has communicated with its customers regarding the problem.  “The petition was started due to JCP&L’s lack of communication and slow power restoration for Summit. During this powerless time, we feel powerless. Creating this petition and letting more people know it may actually make some changes. I want people to know getting together, we can do it,” she told The Alternative Press.

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As of November 9th, over 500 people had signed the online petition and the petition has been mailed to Governor Christie, Senator Menendez, Senator Lautenberg and Summit’s Mayor, Ellen Dickson.

“We have been demanding a comprehensive restoration plan from JCP&L once the storm subsided. However, most information provided by JCP&L was incorrect. The deadline for restoration has been pushed back again and again. Due to the lack of honest communication, the day by day uncertainty is as stressful as the lack of power for most of us. The difficulty is that we do not have street by street or neighborhood restoration dates from JCP&L, which we believe should have been provided shortly after the storm,” Feng said.

As for the petition’s goals, Feng added, “We want to change the way JCP&L has communicated with its customers regarding power restoration.”

To sign the petition, click here.