Certain politicians now running for office have criticized our school District and the Board of Education, arguing that the District’s current Full-Day Kindergarten program is unsatisfactory because it is not free. 

While it is virtually free for those in need, it is subject to tuition to cover the District’s actual out of pocket costs.  The traditional half-day is completely free.             

They have promised, “if elected”, “to come up with a “proposal.”      

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As a volunteer for the community, now in my sixth year of service on the Board of Education, I deeply value education for all, at all levels. I applaud their interest for the common good.  

However, this issue is just too important to wait until being elected. Decisions for 2018-2019 are made in the early fall, so families can make plans. If you are seriously willing to contribute, please do so now.

Please do your homework. All relevant documents are available to you by law. District personnel will meet with you.            

Our next Board of Ed meeting is June 14. Commit to participate and speak up! 

Our Superintendent did not propose universally free FDK at our most recent meetings on this topic. FDK is not free. 

  • Expensive: Over $1 million annually, with possible capital raise of over $5 million. What services will you cut?  Guidance counseling?  Sports?  AP and Honors classes?  The Green House/Bio Lab outside the Middle School?  Extra curriculars?  Literacy coaches?
  • Or will you cut costs? The bulk of our costs involve compensation/healthcare/benefits for our hard working educators and other staff. Please be specific, because we on the Board of Ed have to be.
  • Will you raise taxes? Struggling seniors and young families don’t relish the idea of paying for wealthy families to have anything free.  

There are no easy solutions. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to develop a meaningful proposal.  Summit District personnel and Boards of Education for the last five years have grappled with these questions. You owe it to our children, if not to the voters, to not wait on providing your proposal!

David Dietze is the Republican candidate for Summit Common Council, At-Large.