The Eighth Grade Summit 'A' Lacrosse Team gathers triumphantly after winning the 'G8' tournament, the third consecutive year their age group has taken the event crown.

Summit beat Mountain Lakes 7-4, edged previously undefeated Chester-Mendham 5-4 and then, in the final, topped Ridgewood 10-3. Other teams in the tournament included Westfield, Chatham, Madison and Ridge.

The Eighth Grade Champs include: Timmy Sajer, Aiden Cass, Christian Gohring, Charlie Milne-Home, Matt Vigliotta, Will Huntley-Robertson, Jack Andersen, Coach David Kasemeyer, Robby Holmes, Luke DiNola, Ronan Burke, Jimmy Persche, Michael Bonomo, Jackson Moller, Justin Ross, Austin Groce, Tripp Robinson, Calahan McPherson, Coach Mike Dugan, Hunter Schluter, Coach Ian Kelly.
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