SUMMIT, NJ - Avid fitness buffs, Menekse "Nekki" Robinson and Camellia Lowry Redmerski -- both long-time Summit residents,, discussed how they wished there was a warm, welcoming, flexible facility that provided state-of-the-art cycling and fitness in the Hilltop City.

Robinson and Redmerski, who met while working on Wall Street, put their heads, hearts, and analytical minds together, and decided to make their dream a reality.   The result was Momentum Cycling & Fitness, which opened September 5 at 33 Union Place.
Offering a variety of cutting edge workouts in a studio setting, Momentum’s classes are built to complement each other, and inlcude Spin, HIIT, TRX, core strengthening, and personal training.  Amenities include drop-in day care, men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, and refreshing cold towels to make a work out convenient and enjoyable.  For commuters and early risers, there is even a 5:15 a.m. class available, perfectly paired with the popular 6:38 train to Midtown.

Momentum has assembled a top-quality fitness team consisting of instructors who will push the body to a new level, helping to achieve fitness goals, whether the objective is just getting back into an exercise routine, or for the avid fitness enthusiast.

Momentum requires no membership, and options include paying by the class, purchase multi-packs, or -- as an economical alternative -- committing to an unlimited monthly package.  The unlimited package also allows unlimited daily classes, with the ability to reserve class sessions up to 30 days in advance.  As an extra incentrive to explore the facility, Momentum offers a complimentary initial class..
"It is extremely important to vary your workout," said Robinson, adding "You need to mix things up to get the full benefit."  Through online class registration, participants can customize their workout, up to and including selecting a specific bike.

According to Redmerski, Momentum will soon offer a teen series, and already has booked several themed parties, fundraisers, and other events designed to be both fun and physically rewarding.  The sole restriction to spin is that participants be 4' 10" or taller, with youth welcome as long a parent signs them in.
In addition to spin, other unique programs offered at Momentum include:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been praised as the best workout to lose body fat while gaining lean muscle mass.  HIIT involves intervals of high-intensity exercise at a very high heart rate, followed by low intensity exercise or complete rest. 
HIIT is in sharp contrast to the typical steady-state cardio most people do at a moderate intensity. HIIT is very effective in dropping body fat, due to the calorie burn that's maintained after the work out is over because of  Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).  The body continues to burn exponentially higher calories throughout the day, which helps to increase metabolism.

Momentum offers both TRX Suspension and RIP Training. These exercises work the upper and lower body from multiple angles, targeting every muscle and replicating real-life movements.  Suspension training uses one's own body weight and multiple planes of motion.

RIP Training also uses multiple planes of motions, but utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to integrate rotational movements.  RIP Training is an exceptional workout for athletes in addition to off season training by targeting the movement and muscles used in a variety of sports including golf, tennis, lacrosse, ice hockey and field hockey. 

Power Core

Power Core is a workout that strengthens the core and lengthens muscles through a series of exercises that will challenge any individual. These classes incorporate one's own body weight, bands. and light weights.  In addition to building stronger abdominals and back muscles, Power Core strengthens the muscles in the arms and legs, which are essential for every day movements.

Personal Training

Momentum's personal trainers will work to devise a personalized workout schedule in combination of personal training sessions and classes at the studio.
Momentum Cycling & Fitness is locate at 33 Union Place, Third Floor, and can be reached by calling 908 / 277-1333, or by visiting