SUMMIT, NJ - A bit of the Netherlands is sprouting up all over the Hilltop City, as scores of red Tulips -- planted in and around Summit's schools and throughout the community -- remind motorists to be mindful and "drive in good health," focusing and paying attention to what's going on around them.
The effort is a collaboration between Partners in Shaping Summit Together and local Scouting organizations, community agencies and the Summit Public Schools, which also includes the ribbon initiative in October, which sees trees adorned with red bows.
The initiative, while always important, takes on added significance as the spring weather turns warmer, and more folks spending additional time on foot, on bicycles, thereby competing for road and crosswalk access. Additionally, prom time is coming soon, and all the young people intending to enjoy that experience need to be mindful that drugs, drunkenness and distractions are never to be mixed with driving.
Tulips were planted on all public school grounds and in the Summit Promenade Park. Partners in Shaping Summit Together call on all members of the community to help keep people of all ages safe from the harm of drunkenness, drugs and distractions while driving.