While I don’t consider myself to be a “political person,” I want to share the reasons I support Matt Gould’s candidacy for Ward 1 Common Council.

Matt and I have spent a lot of time together traveling each morning on the train to NYC. We use our morning commute to share our thoughts on many things, including ideas about Summit – the things we love and our thoughts on how to improve our city. Matt is an idea guy and always has creative solutions to any problem facing our town!

Like Matt, I work in the media industry. I know that as a producer and executive producer on many popular television seriesMatt is extremely skilled at juggling multiple tasks and flexing in the face of unexpected problems.

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Like Matt, I have three daughters who are in the Summit public schools. We both share a concern about making sure that our schools remain strong.

Like Matt, I commute to the Manhattan. We both understand how important it is to Summit’s property values are to have a properly functioning NJ Transit. Matt has been talking about how all the towns along the Morris & Essex line need to coordinate their demands to NJ Transit. No question this would strengthen our voice.

Like Matt, I want to be sure that my tax dollars are spent carefully, and on things we as a community need, as opposed to things we may want. I appreciate that Matt has spoken out against Council’s vote to install decorative cobblestones on Beechwood Road, at a cost of $300,000. I know that he will look at all such expenditures carefully, considering whether they are truly worth the cost, and whether they should be prioritized in our city budget.

I wholeheartedly endorse Matt Gould for City Council.

Denielle Bertarelli-Webb