I have never spoken publicly about local politics. I haven’t put lawn signs in my yard, but I been known to put a magnet on my car for someone I believe in. I haven’t been inspired to really get involved, until now. Until Beth Little decided to run for City Council.

Why? Because Beth is the real deal and Beth is who you want on your team. I got to know Beth while we were working on the SEF board together.  I have never experienced anyone like her. I have volunteered for several organizations in town and when I worked with Beth, I could see that she was different right away.

When we had to make difficult decisions, she mastered the facts. Her attention to detail outshined everyone else in the room. She listened, asked questions and listened some more. When the rest of us were ready to pack it in and get home to our families, she was still asking questions and trying to understand the problems that needed to be solved. She helped us understand the issues and came up with reasonable solutions. It is clear this woman cares deeply about doing the right thing and gives every issue her full attention; she has great intellect, integrity and an unbelievable work ethic.   

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Beth is not doing this for glory or for ego. Beth is not doing this to serve any of her own interests. Beth is doing this because she believes that with all the craziness going on in the world, she can make a positive impact in our town. Change begins at the local level and I know Beth can make Summit even better. Beth is authentic, smart, real and honest. Her voice is the one we want on City Council representing us and everything we value. We’d be lucky to have her.

Jenna Sullivan