WARMINSTER, PA -- Another weekend, another big piece of hardware.

The Summit High School Speech and Debate Team took home its second Sweepstakes Award in as many weeks, winning by a massive margin at William Tennent High School Invitational.

Hilltopper team members claimed 41 individual awards, and the program received a huge performance by its Junior Varsity members, who placed in every JV event.

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Highlights included a 1-2-3 finish by the JV in Original Oratory, a top-four spot sweep by the Varsity in Program Oral Interpretation, and a sublime 1-2-3-4-5-6 finish in Varsity Oral Interpretation.

Individual honors included:

Junior Varsity Dramatic Performance

Iain Alvidrez - First Place
Caroline Abut - Third Place
Beatrice Halper - Fourth Place
Tim Erday - Fifth Place
Christina Wilson - Sixth Place

Junior Varsity Duo Interpretation

Kerry Kovar & Annie Milsten - First Place
Katie Evenson & Christina Wilson - Second Place

Junior Varsity Original Oratory

Ryan Colon - First Place
Kendra Olson - Second Place
Ella McCormick - Third Place

Junior Varsity Poetry

Maddie Lumelleau - Third Place
Elizabeth Maloney - Fifth Place

Junior Varsity Prose

Maddie Lumelleau - Third Place
Samantha Sirabian - Sixth Place

Junior Varsity Public Forum Debate

Abby Brandt & Nick Clements - Second Place
Eray Sabuncu & Alex Supran - Semifinalists

Program Oral Interpretation

Kim Lee - First Place
Gerard Apruzzesse - Second Place
Stefania Valera - Third Place
Kerry Kovar - Fourth Place

Varsity Congressional Debate

Reid Phillips - Third Place
Ben Schachter - Fourth Place

Varsity Dramatic Interpretation

Kim Lee - First Place
Hope Kovera - Second Place
Harry Saroff - Third Place

Varsity Duo Interpretation

Hope Kovera & Grace Milsten - First Place
Darby Ryden & Mitchell Sink; Annika Carlson & Alexa Carlson - Second Place (tie)

Varsity Humorous Interpretation

Annika Carlson - First Place
Cate Esposito - Second Place
JJ Stewart - Third Place
Harry Saroff - Sixth Place

Varsity Oral Interpretation

Annie Milsten - First Place
Alexa Carlson - Second Place
Greta Morgan - Third Place
Stefania Valera - Fourth Place
Juilet Huneke - Fifth Place
Sarah Competiello - Sixth Place

Varsity Original Oratory

Matt Colon - First Place
JJ Stewart - Sixth Place

Varsity Public Forum Debate

Laura Baldacchino & Rachel Blume - Semifinalists