I have known Greg Vartan since he was a student at The Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School. I remember thinking then that he possessed uncommon characteristics of a genuinely charismatic person, a natural born leader and someone who innately understood the value of sweat equity to bring about desired outcomes. In my community volunteer work, I always found Greg in places where my admiration for him grew: The Summit Police Department, Summit’s Volunteer First Aid Squad, The Village Green.

Greg is at home in Summit. He has earned his social network of contacts by hard work, like-minded character and values, commitment to service and genuine effusive love for this community. Greg harnesses these attributes to research and understand tough topics, obtain input and then decide collaboratively that which can be in Summit’s best interests.

I plan to cast my vote for Greg Vartan because I believe Summit needs to be governed by a Common Council balanced by age and stage of life. Summit’s future depends on us today identifying people with strong character and high ideals to be in pace with transformative trends. The candidate we choose will need to create networks of people who will make the fabric of Summit vibrant, diverse and reflective of a resident and visitor base of people who will be trendsetters for the town in the decades ahead. Greg Vartan is that candidate. HIs experience is home-grown, diligently achieved and shared with the people who will help him make a difference. I am happy that he has chosen public service for Summit.

Annette Dwyer