I write this letter supporting Nora Radest for mayor with confidence, excitement and gratitude.  I will also tell you that I am not a democrat, but I think we all know that political affiliation is irrelevant in local politics anyway.  
I am confident Nora will make an excellent mayor. She is an extremely hard worker and will execute her role as mayor with honesty, intelligence, and dedication.  "Affiliation" with these character traits IS what matters in local politics.
I am excited because I worked closely with Nora on the Summit Educational Foundation board for several years and I know of what she is capable.  As SEF President she was devoted, driven and inclusive. SEF's success story cannot be told without "Nora Radest". 
Lastly, I am grateful. Grateful that we in Summit are fortunate to have a mayoral candidate who truly wants to hear from our city's residents. Nora places emphasis on finding the best solutions, and accomplishes this by not just being an incredible thinker, but an incredible listener as well. 
I whole heartedly encourage you to vote Nora Radest as Mayor of Summit on November 3.
Amy Everett DiSibio