Do You Want To Get Published? 

Next meeting of B.I.G., women’s networking group in Summit/New Providence, December 19 from 10-11:30 at Twin Maples, 214 Springfield Avenue in Summit

Are you writing a book, or have a great idea for the next great American novel or a simply fantastic how-to primer based on your timely, spot-on experiences?  What does it take to channel the idea for a book from your mind, to your computer to an actual printed copy or e-book?

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Come to the December 19 meeting of the Summit/New Providence chapter of B.I.G., with a panel of esteemed writers who will share their book publishing expertise, including how they began, the choice of self-publishing vs. finding a publisher, financial considerations, why they almost gave up the dream at times.  

Meet authors Sharon Gilbert, who recently published a book on career coaching for college graduates; Regina Radomski, whose book chronicles the experience of adopting older, foreign-born children; Jean Criss, who has a series of books detailing her medical and legal journey through breast cancer, and Special Guest Author Estelle Sobel, who has written an award-winning book on skin care and writes a regular blog on motherhood.  She has ghost-written a book for a children’s author, and has been published in over 100 publications.  

Come to the meeting armed with questions as to how to get your own book published.  Each month, B.I.G. offers its members creative and educational program ideas that help them run their business better.  B.I.G meetings provide women with support, education and networking opportunities to discover personal and professional fulfillment.  

Melanie Wilson, leader of the local group, says that that each B.I.G. meeting is different, based largely on the makeup of the women in the room.  “The most valuable part of B.I.G. is the support and networking aspect, and the willingness that these women have in sharing their experiences with each other to help further their career paths,” she said.  “The stay-at-home mom who is just exploring a new business venture and the entrepreneur who has a successful business that has been around for a long time both are equal participants in the B.I.G. experience. Women connect and share resources and ideas; it is quite empowering,” she said.

The meeting is free for first-time guests.  Annual dues for 2014 will increase from $199 to $249, so plan on joining or renewing at the December meeting or beforehand online at  

The Summit/New Providence chapter of B.I.G., with nearly 50 members, is the largest in the six-state network.  For more information, or to rsvp to the Oct. 31 meeting, contact