The next Council will be faced with tough decisions that include whether to do a revaluation of City properties, how to fulfill an affordable housing requirement, negotiating union contracts, containing budget expenses in a world of rising health premiums and tax appeals, and many others. Add to those, the parking issues remain and a fourth parking study was commissioned that yet again details our lack of parking. 

There are serious decisions to be made, difficult analysis to sort through and bridges to build to get things done.  For the people of Summit, that means electing a new member to Council should be approached the same way as hiring an executive to run a multimillion dollar company. That calls for an individual with experience and a demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups.

Steve Bowman is that candidate.  He has a lifetime of experiences from his training as an accountant, to leading the regional operations for a Fortune 100 Company and negotiating contracts with foreign entities. Also, he is at a point in his life when he can dedicate the many hours needed to serve the citizens of Summit well.

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He has already gotten a head start.  Since relocating to Summit with his wife and young daughter, Steve has gotten engaged on many levels including the City of Summit’s Zoning Board, being a youth baseball coach, and taking on a leadership position at his church. 

I support Steve Bowman for the contested Ward II Council seat and I encourage the citizens of Ward II to vote for him.

Ellen Dickson

Note: Ellen Dickson is the former Mayor of Summit