After several months of meetings between the Summit Education Association (representing teachers, custodians and secretaries) and the Summit Board of Education, the position of impasse was reached.

While both teams have been meeting for some time, little or no progress has been made.  Despite this, the SEA offered an 11th hour proposal that would have provided reasonable increases for its members while simultaneously keeping the district under the 2% budgetary cap.  This position was taken in the interests of keeping the lines of communication open.  The Board declined the offer.

For the past several years, increased pension and healthcare contributions have resulted in significantly lower take home pay for the SEA membership.  Additionally,  coaches and co-curricular advisors have had no increase for the past six years. The negotiations process will now move to mediation, where a mediator will be appointed by the state.

The SEA Negotiations Team

Adam Fern
Jeff Fluharty
Andrew Sefransky
Tiffany Bennett
Lawrence Seid
Adrian Phillips
Dan Miller - SEA President