In government, as in business, the best teams are often comprised of individuals from different walks of life, and with different skill sets. From my experience as a two-term Councilmember, former Council President, and former member of the Summit Board of School Estimate, I can assure you that an elected official with strong financial / analytical skills is necessary for any well-run city to serve its residents well. David Dietze is that person.

David’s qualifications and dedication to Summit are impeccable. President of the Board of Education is the headliner. Summit’s Board of Education budget is more than the city’s and county’s share, combined. Any new Councilmember is faced with a steep learning curve. I can assure you that just being on the Board of School Estimate as one of the two Councilmembers faced with the task of approving its budget is difficult at best, daunting at worst. The knowledge that David can bring to the table is immeasurable. He knows what is needed to keep our schools thriving, our children learning, and how to make that happen with a sharpened pencil at the ready.

In addition, David has spent valuable time in his decades in Summit, volunteering in a number of local non-profits and organizations. Boy Scouts, the Overlook Foundation, and Summit Area Public Foundation all have benefited from his time, smarts, and fundraising expertise.

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I can’t say enough, but to say that Summit might not be where it is today, without David Dietze, is not an overstatement. Please cast your vote for Summit by voting for David Dietze on November 7.

Diane Klaif