Transparency v. Opaqueness 

I am writing to endorse my friend, Susan Hairston, a lifelong Summit resident, whose transparent contributions and service to our community span decades of good works. Susan, currently the Ward 1 Councilwoman appointed in November 2019 to fill the term of Councilman Matt Gould, who tragically passed away, is running for a full term on November 3rd.

Susan’s opaque Republican opponent moved to Summit about two years ago, and her experience of service, volunteerism, governance, and involvement in any aspect of Summit life is unknown – to say the least. And yet she has accused Susan (and Common Council) for their lack of transparency!

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Susan’s transparent tenure on Council has focused on her diligent efforts as chair of the City’s Safety and Health Committee, working 24/7 throughout the recent community-wide power outage, and with our regional Board of Health, managing Summit’s effective and ongoing response to the Covid pandemic.

Susan’s opaque Republican opponent has voiced her concerns, criticizing those transparent and heroic efforts by our elected and appointed officials, and seemingly using these disasters to promote her own candidacy.

Susan is a transparently proud Democrat who has publicly declared her support for Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Tom Malinowski and Marjorie Fox – all of whom strongly support the Heroes Act and the restoration of the SALT deduction – both critically important to our City’s fiscal health, including our police, firefighters, first responders, public health efforts – and our taxes!

Susan’s opaque Republican opponent has not declared where she stands on President Trump (is she voting for him?), and all the Republican Congressional candidates and office holders who have failed to speak out and support wise public health directives like mask wearing and social distancing. And how about that Heroes and SALT legislation, impacting the lives of all of us in Summit and across our country?

Please know that I have always admired the women and men who put themselves out there as candidates for elected office at all levels, regardless of party affiliation – especially at the local level. And I have supported candidates of both parties.  But, virtually every candidate who has run for office in Summit has a proud history of volunteerism with our many essential nonprofits: schools, religious institutions, sports teams, food banks and more – and are to be congratulated for using their experience to step up and volunteer for the tremendous responsibility of governing Summit. 

Susan is a shining and transparent example of just such a candidate. Please VOTE for Susan Hairston for Ward 1 Council on November 3rd.. Your vote on the entire ballot has never been more important for our community and our country!


Phyllis G. Sank