It was of course Albert Einstein who defined “insanity” as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

This Council wasted more tax dollars on yet another meaningless parking study, a study that recommended an $11 million, five level parking garage on DeForest Avenue. This is at least the fourth time a proposal of this nature has been foisted on the residents. In fact, the first proposal predated the Tiered Garage.

Three times previously, the community rose up and vigorously opposed the plans. It is not the purpose of government to pad the pockets of developers or feed the egos of council members, but rather to attend to the needs of its citizenry. It is hard to say which is more ridiculous, another parking garage or the pipe dream Park Line, both of which will place a tax burden on our community.

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Meanwhile, this Council ignored for years the redevelopment of the Recreation Center, then left a funding gap of more than $1 million on a project long desperately needed to upgrade this inadequate, energy inefficient 1950’s building. The great tragedy of their delay is that almost every one of the senior citizens that were instrumental in encouraging this project, will never see it. Far too many are now deceased or disabled. How sad.

Even worse, is this council’s opposition to Full-Day Kindergarten. More than 86% of the towns in this state provide this essential service, but our supposed leaders ignore this need. Someday, when we elect a governor that cares about more about education than political ambition, Full Day Kindergarten will be mandated. It is time we prepare for it.

Let’s tend to the needs of our young and our elderly. Let’s ensure our police, fire and public works departments are appropriately staffed and funded. We don’t need to make ”Summit Great Again.”  We need to ensure that we respect what made “Summit Great” over the years... and keep it that way.

Mike Vernotico