Zoella, Bethany Mota, Tyler Oakley, O2L, Troye Sivan, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, PointlessBlog, Caspar Lee, Thatcher Joe.... the list goes on.  Who are they?  The newest internet celebrities who have stolen the hearts of teens across the globe.  Where do they come from? YouTube, a platform where creators can upload videos, and consumers can watch, like,‬ and comment on them.  ‬

As YouTubers’ audiences grew and grew, their presence sometimes became a job.  Eighth grader Micaela N. said that the idea of them getting paid for making videos is ridiculous whereas 8th grader Carmel B. said, "If people are going to be paid to be actors, why not YouTubers."

According to TubeFilter, YouTubers are having more of an impact on teens than Hollywood stars.  Kids from ages 13 to 18 were given 20 stars, half of whom came from the Internet.  YouTubers took the top five spots.

Why has YouTube skyrocketed so much recently?  Eighth grader Kayla G. said that "In the beginning YouTube hadn't really developed.  Nowadays there are so many personalities that you can relate to it's hard not to love it."   ‬‬

But how did these "YouTubers" find YouTube?  The website ThinkwithGoogle explained that Bethany Mota started when she was 13 to simply share her fashion and beauty tips but as time went on she started using her platform to also talk about real issues which is one of the reasons why she is so popular.  ‬

Zoe Sugg, another popular vlogger‬, started in 2009.  The Guardian talked about how Zoe struggled with severe anxiety since a young age.  Although this held her back sometimes, she used her platform to reach out and help.  She works with tons of charities to raise awareness on anxiety disorders.  She is the ambassador of the #DontPanicButton Campaign.  Not only does she raise awareness through charity, she also helps out by making videos on her channel.  She also made a video called "Anxiety Q&A" where viewers sent her questions to help them with their anxiety problems and she gave out advice.

The most subscribed-to YouTuber is PewDiePie.  His channel mostly features him playing video games.  These are games people could play at home and many students at LCJSMS think it's ridiculous that people watch him.  Micaela credits his fame to "People being bored."  However Kayla said that he is really funny. and she enjoys watching his reactions and commentary.  ‬‬