Angie and I have never spoken publicly about politics. Not nationally, not locally. Yes, we are passionate and interested in current events and issues facing our town. Yes, we discuss these issues at home with our kids. However, when you put yourself out there and decide to proudly display your candidate’s lawn sign, you risk controversy, confrontation and vulnerability.

It’s time to be heard and take a stance. To scream from the hilltops that we are proud to publicly back a candidate. That candidate is Beth Little.

While local politics may not get the limelight, its importance is paramount to the success of our town. Local politics affect so much of our daily lives – roads, schools, our downtown, etc.  Like many of you, we care deeply about the education of our children, the property taxes we pay and the vibrancy of our downtown. All the candidates running for City Council claim they care about these issues as well.

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So, if we all want the same things, how do we choose which button to press when we walk into the voting booth?  We will be choosing based on temperament, judgment, transparency, thoughtfulness and for a candidate who has a clear command of the issues. Beth is who we trust and who we want to make important decisions on our behalf.

Like most of you, we love Summit just the way it is. But why be content and not be agents for change and improvement? Summit deserves more than settling for the status quo.

It’s time for a new voice. Make a difference this election and choose Beth Little on November 7th.

Chad & Angie Comiteau