John Dougherty loves Summit and has dedicated his professional and personal life to ensuring that it thrives. John joined the Summit Police Department in 1984 and retired as a Captain in 2012. As a volunteer, John has served on 25 different Summit organizations and recently completed a term as a member of the Summit Planning Board.

Because of his professional and volunteer experience, he knows the various constituencies of Summit better than any other candidate I have ever known and is uniquely qualified to serve on Council. Given his education - Masters in Administrative Sciences, Bachelors in Sociology - and professional experience he is a trusted leader in his profession and a seasoned administrator. He is currently, Director of Security as Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

As a result of his service to Summit, John understands the needs, hopes and aspirations of its citizens. As important, he also knows and understands how to work with Summit’s various governmental offices and community agencies.   

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I have known John since 1991 when I  began serving as a member of Summit’s Common Council and worked with him when I was Chair of the Board and the Youth Sub -Committee of Shaping Summit Together. I know John will work to develop issue-based solutions to the problems that Council must resolve rather than limit himself to politically expedient fixes. Given the increasingly polarized political landscape, I urge you to vote for a person who has the experience and people skills to bring people together to address Summit’s needs. John is that person.

Mia Andersen, Esq.