On Tuesday, October 4 at 7:30 PM, the Summit Free Public Library will host a talk by Jon Plaut: “Uplift: Onward and Upward”.  Jon Plaut will discuss four decisive turns in knowledge and human society, as represented by four individuals and the ideas they promoted: Galileo Galilei and the heliocentric theory, George Washington and the Federalist Papers, Charles Darwin and “The Origin of Species”, and Rachel Carson and “Silent Spring”.  He will present the historical context and contemporary reactions. This program by Professor Plaut is derived from a course on Science, Technology and Society he has given at Penn State, Ramapo College and most recently at Rutgers University.

Jon Plaut is a Trustee of the Summit Free Public Library.  He has degrees in Engineering and Law.  He was a Senior Advisor to the United Nations in New York, and was appointed as an advisor on environmental policy to NAFTA by President Clinton.  Mr. Plaut is the President of Global Learning, an environmental advocacy organization.

The program is free, and no registration is required.  Seating is limited, and is on a first-come first-seated basis.  Doors will open 15 minutes before the start of the program.  Details about upcoming programs can be found on the Library’s website at www.summitlibrary.org.  The Summit Free Public Library is located at 75 Maple Street.  The telephone number is 908-273-0350.