The team that makes and executes policy for Summit is performing above expectation. So why switch it out for something unproven?

Here is how the current team has been performing. Look at your tax bill and note:

  • Increase in municipal tax rate (including Municipal Library), 2014-2015: 0.56%, i.e., virtually flat.
  • Municipal taxes as a percentage of your total tax bill: 21% (previously 22%).

Union County, by contrast, shows a tax rate increase of 5.64% and represents 28% of your total tax bill. In earlier years the Union County portion was a smaller than the municipal portion.

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The low Summit taxes are free of accounting gimmicks. Summit is the only municipality in New Jersey – and one of the few in the entire country – to have a AAA bond rating from three different agencies. Union County has only a AA.

Summit is well run. Newsweek elevated our school system to 80th from 132nd in the country and 19th in New Jersey – 9th if we exclude charter schools.

Summit’s fiscal future is secured through the work of the team that brought in Celgene to take over the Merck facility. Because of prudent management, people want to move to Summit, and your investment in your home is protected.

The other side has not given the voter any reason to change. Vote on November 3, 2015 for the proven team of Dickson, Ogden, Dill and Smith.

Jim Bennett