SUMMIT, NJ - Pioneered by NASA, the space agency found that far-infrared saunas helped plants grow in space. Extensive research in the early 1980’s led to the realization that infrared light treatments would be the perfect way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning in US astronauts for the duration of long space flights.

Recently, the technology has been used to treat patients suffering from the painful side effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, working as a healing agent, with no side effects. Pain institutes around the country use the technology as a form of pain treatment, and the FDA has approved its therapeutic use.

Using heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body, infrared saunas and far-infrared saunas omit infrared light waves that create heat in the body, causing you to sweat and release stored toxins. They differ from “regular saunas” because their light directly penetrates your skin but does not warm the air around you. The temperature in your body goes up quickly, yet the light has no effect on your surrounding environment.

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Revivify's infrared sauna provides both far and near infrared light, and, because it produces lower temperatures than a conventional sauna, may be tolerated better by people who can’t withstand the very high heats of other dry saunas or even steam rooms.

"I purchased a multi session package for the Infrared Sauna. It signed up to detox but I was even more excited when it gave me a boost in energy for even better workouts! Staff is very knowledgeable in customizing your treatments. Facility is great! Love this place! I will definitely be buying more packages!"

- Gina

Infrared light treatment usually works within just 15–20 minutes. Infrared lamps are capable of causing dramatic changes in body chemistry in some instances, helping restore balance in some people who suffer from chronic problems related to pains, inflammation, low energy and poor circulation.

"I came to Revivify to use the infrared sauna in hopes of relieving the aches and pains I was experiencing from my workouts, and have some relaxation.  After my first treatment not only was my soreness alleviated from the inflammation reduction, but I also noticed a lighter, more energetic feeling from the detoxification aspect of our the treatment!  The staff there is so knowledgeable and friendly, and the place is clean and bright.  I can't wait to go back!"

- M. Davis

When you arrive at Revivify, our well-trained staff will guide you to the room with our infrared sauna pod. If it’s your first time, we will walk you through all the great features of the pod and answer any questions you may have. The pod is in a completely private room, so you can choose to use the sauna in as few clothes as you wish. You can listen to a genre of music of your choice or just sit in meditation.

You will lie down in the infrared heating pod and allow the top to close with your head exposed. Treatment time in the sauna is 30 minutes.

A lot of sweating should be expected, although it’s not painful and many people find it relaxing. Make sure to drink 8 to 16 ounces of water and get plenty of rest before using the sauna. Most people don’t feel any different otherwise, although in some people with high levels of pain, they report a feeling of improvement almost immediately. After the sauna session, we will provide coconut water to assist in replacing the lost water and electrolytes from sweating.

"Amazing staff, and great facility! Loved the Infrared Sauna and stretching session! Everyone there is knowledgeable and very helpful. Teaching group fitness can put a lot of stress on your body and this was a fantastic way to rejuvenate. Can't wait to make my next appointment!"

- Jennifer

Revivify, which also offers localized cryotherapy, jade infrared sauna, stretching and pneumatic compression services, is located at Located at 316 Springfield Avenue in Summit (adjacent to -- and in the same plaza as -- Hilltop Bicycles and Vita Foods).

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Revivify Manager Michelle Marshall at 908-273-2222 or visit

Revivify will soon open its second location, at Gabriele Fitness in Berkeley Heights.