On Wednesday, December 1, twenty members of the Kent Place Class of 2012 were welcomed into the KPS Math Honor Society, which recognizes juniors with high achievement in math during their freshman and sophomore years.  In addition, twenty-one seniors were inducted into Mu Alpha Theta, the international high school and two-year college Mathematics Honors Society. Mu Alpha Theta inducts members who have been enrolled in three years or more of mathematics with a year-end grade of A- or higher.

The morning program began with remarks by Dean of Students Michelle Murphy and continued with senior co-presidents Kendall Beeman and Catherine Ciriello. Juniors were then inducted into the KPS Math Honor Society, followed by the senior’s induction into Mu Alpha Theta. After closing remarks by the Director of Upper School Elizabeth Woodall, students, parents and teachers celebrated the occasion in the Commons Room in the Mabie House.

Congratulations to all new inductees!

KPS Math Honor Society Inductees:               Mu Alpha Theta Inductees:
Alissa Anzevino                                         Alexandra Agathis
Melissa Beswick                                         Kendall Beeman
Melanie Catlett                                         Hannah Benn
Lindsey Cianciotta                                      Frances Bird
Alison Coy                                                      Allison Busacca
Olivia Donatelli                                                Catherine Ciriello
Isabella Fernandez                                      Celine Delle Donne
Morgan Hoit                                             Perry Feldman
Jenna Immormino                                 Abrina Hyatt
Samantha Jakucionis                                     Adele Irwin
Kelsh Keim                                                      Abigail Johnson
Julie Kim                                                       Samantha Klein
Angela Lu                                                       Mira Korber
Mary McHugh                                             Caroline Lynott
Lauren Meyer                                            Catherine McDonald
Jillian Nash                                                    Joanna Mleczko
Vanessa Osman                                           Emilia Pazniokas
Alice Roll                                                      Jessica Van Besien
Anne Turnbull                                           Malina Welman
Emily Wang                                                      Elizabeth Yoder
                                                                Stefanie Zavodny