SUMMIT, NJ - The Kent Place Dance Department will present its 32nd annual “An Evening of Dance,” featuring the school’s Chamber Dancers, Dance Ensemble and Middle School Dance Makers, April 28 at 7 p.m. Admission to the show, which will be directed by KPS Dance Department Chair, LeAnn Yannelli, is free and open to the public.

The fourteen works in the concert will be set to a variety of musical genres ranging from film scores, pop, jazz, contemporary, and classical. The repertory pieces, choreographed by Yannelli, include L'Autunno (1993), Rosa (2000), Jazz n' Jive (2001) and Entr' Acte (2008).  Student works include two senior projects and numerous co-choreographed duets and trios. Witch Dance (2012), Undine (2016), The River (2016) and For Those... (2017), choreographed by Yannelli, will be performed by guest-artists Meghan Meehan Schrieber and Samuel Robbins. Two studies based on Undine and The River will be performed by Chamber Dancers.

An Evening of Dance’s Chamber Dancers:

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Anna DeLuca ’18, Ethia Hu ’19, Eleanor Kanengiser ’20, Alexa Kolakoski ’18, Polly McCumber ’18, Libby Owen ’18, Isabella Racioppi ’19, Allai Regan ’17 and Mikaela Rice ’20 

Members of the Upper School Dance Ensemble:

Emily Eichenholtz ’20, Nicki Eichenholtz ’17, Deanna Hanchuk ’18, Grace Hayward ’20, Olivia Hayward ’20, Jessica Jin ’20, Emma Kelley ’18, Sasha Khidekel ’19, Jessica Kim ’20, Lauren Lindner ’19, Angela Maliakal ’18, Janeyce McCray ’20, Emily Pellicano ’18, Lily Roberts ’19, Sophie Schmitz ’20 and Xenia Schmitz ’20 

Middle School Dance Makers:

Haley Bigler ’21, Abigail Casamassina ’22, Alana DeVirgilio ’22, Madeline Estey ’21, Anyra Kapoor ’22, Serena Lee ’21, Trisha Lee ’21, Janet Luo ’22, Madeline O'Connor ’21, Kaitlyn Parker ’21, Emily Weisman ’22, Grace Weiss ’21 and Emilia Wheatley ’22

“This year, ‘An Evening of Dance’ will present an especially poignant performance,” said Yannelli. “In addition to representing the culmination of the year’s work for Chamber Dancers and the Dance Ensemble, guest-artists will be included in the program. Along with their solo performances, the guest artists have worked with Chamber Dancers to evolve studies based on the choreography. The evening concludes with a new work I choreographed and will be dedicating to the memory of my dear friend and colleague, Robert Pridham.”

For more information visit Kent Place School is located at 42 Norwood Avenue.