When my son was in the Army there were many nights where I couldn’t sleep. I feared for his safety and of the safety of those he served with. 
The world is a dangerous place, and I fear too often Americans forget that in managing their day-to-day lives. We need leaders in Congress that take national security seriously and understand the threats we still face.
One of those leaders is Congressman Lance. I am proud that Congressman Lance always stands up when it counts, like voting for legislation to keep terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and stop cash payments to Iran in exchange for innocent American prisoners. 
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These Obama Administration policies put a bounty on every American abroad. We know where Lance stands but his opponent, Peter Jacob, has been silent on these issues for months. Mr. Jacob, do you agree with the President’s policies or Congressman Lance’s positions?     
How many Guantanamo terrorists is my son worth? How much in unmarked cash?

Dorothy Burger

Note: Dorothy Burger is Vice Chair of Administration and Co-Parliamentarian of the Summit Republican City Committee.