Sixth graders at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School participated this fall in the NFL's Play 60 program. NFL Play 60 is the National Football League's campaign to reduce childhood obesity. Sponsored by the Jet's and the American Heart Association, 20 lucky winners were drawn from the sixth grade class. These students exercised 60 minutes a day throughout October and November - an average of 35 minutes in physical education class and 25 minutes on their own. Hosted by the Jet's, students competed in fitness events with Chatham Middle School and enjoyed attending the Jet's/ Buffalo Bills game on Sunday, Nov. 27.

LCJSMS students, teachers, and advisors are shown at the game. From left, first row Daniel Campos, Ben Errig, Will Goldy,  Jack Murphy, Jack Browne,  Reed Pierotti, and David Sharpe; second row, Curran Stockton, Amy Martino, Allison Rodriguez, Sydney Benevento, Giana Guttilla, Ruby Hodges, Emily Paytas, and Tom Quinn; third row, Kevin Zaleski, Anthony Ferrante, Sam Goldstein,Kerry Palphreyman, Sophia Lusardi, Chris Lubin, Vivek Mhatre, and teachers Lorie Zuchowski, Ann Marie Flynn, and Lisa Schmidt.