Jill Lazare is the best choice for State Senator in this critical election. We stand on the threshold of a pivotal election in our state and nation. The outcome will affect not only us, but our children and grandchildren. Isn’t it time we had someone in the 21st Legislative District who will fight for all the residents, not just the Old Guard and well-connected?

Jill Lazare is dedicated to public service and the common good. I have observed her as she has turned personal tragedy into public victory. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Nor does she cower before embedded power. Jill will reach across lines and aisles to improve the common good. Hers is a voice for change. We deserve someone who will work for and with us to get things done. 

Jill Lazare believes that sound policy rather than partisan politics is the goal of good government. She will stand for what is right with conviction, compassion, and integrity. While others are all too eager to dismiss anything that seems new or different as ‘partisan,’ Jill asks salient questions, and, like the lawyer she is, seeks the truth. And, she listens. If she disagrees with the conclusions or assumptions, she does so without alienating or disparaging others. 

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Jill Lazare seeks to build bridges, not walls. We are only days away from making a crucial decision -- not just for today but for the future. I urge you to cast your ballot for Jill Lazare. She is the principled not partisan choice. Jill will represent us with courage, integrity and sound judgment. We need Jill Lazare in Trenton.

Dr. Betty Adams