SUMMIT, NJ - Luke Shea stood on the slightly elevated tee box of the Municipal Golf Course's 159-yard, seventh hole with a 5-iron in his hands.  Addressing the ball, he made clean, solid contact, his golf ball flying straight and true at the green.

Although the hole is technically downhill, the green is blind to the tee box, so he did not see the end result of his shot.  Arriving at the green, the ball was nowhere to be seen, with Shea -- a 14 year-old, eighth grader at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School -- coming to the conclusion that he hit the ball too good, and that it had reached the pond behind the putting surface.
Chalking the experience up to one of golf's tortuous peculiarities, he walked to the eighth tee and had a seat on the bench.  Suddenly, Shea's wistful feelings were supersonically transported to elation as -- when the last of his playing partners putted out -- Shea and the remainder of his foursome discovered the ball had not, indeed, found a watery grave as he suspected.
The ball found a home... in the cup for a hole-in-one.
The ace was the first of his nascent golfing career, coming during a round that marked his first time golfing in two months.  An accomplished swimmer for both the Summit Seals and Clearwater Club, Shea can now add the title of "golfing ace" to his growing resume of sporting achievements.