Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.
- John C Maxwell
Our votes matter not just for today but for the future. Whom we select as our next Summit leaders will have a profound impact in our schools through the selection of Board members, our vibrant small town feel through the robustness of our downtown, and our inclusive sense of community through the diversity of our voices. 

I have lived in Summit for 28 years. It is a great community with beautiful homes, safe streets, exceptional schools, incredibly generous people and many offerings for all tastes. However, it is not immune to the changes in the world and to the challenges and opportunities that those changes provide.
Growth and progress require embracing the issues, challenges and opportunities. It requires a vision of the future where every individual in the community can see themselves - the senior, the professional, the student  - regardless of their socioeconomic situation, ethnic background, native language or any of a variety of characteristics that make each unique.
The vision must be articulated clearly so that every member of the community is not only aware but can understand and be engaged and supportive - it must benefit all members of the community. Our leaders must be "out there" with all members of the community - visibly and authentically understanding the issues. They must be forward thinking.  The past just tells us where we've been, the future tells us where we are going.  Our leaders need to see and think of the future and show us the path. I know I speak for many, we all want to stay in Summit but our leaders must make it so that we can.  I thank all those leaders of Summit's past - they got us to where we are today.  Now I believe we need fresh ideas to move us forward.

I support a change in Summit. I fully support Nora Radest and Richard Sun as two new leaders for our community.  

I have met with or seen Richard Sun on several occassions now - in different settings and with different set of individuals from the community. Richard is authentic, he is smart and he is inclusive. He does not boas,t but listens and relates and finds what is common.  He is able to relate to senior citizens, families, young adults, and the across the broad spectrum of ethnicity in our city. He understands the world we now live in yet he cherishes his family roots and upbringing.  He leverages the best of both worlds to bring a vibrancy and hope for the future of Summit.  

I have known Nora Radest over the years as an active supporter of Summit's students and families. I have also grown to know Nora's passion for communications - her focus on listening to all voices and understanding what makes each individual tick - what keeps them up at night and how the community can help. She understands that government of the people needs to represent the people. She understands the value of diversity in action - not only soliciting help from the different sections of Summit but engaging with them. She understands that change can only happen when you have the full team rowing together.

Please Vote on November 3.  We have an enormous priviledge in our right to vote and huge responsibility in the selection of our leaders.  Vote for Richard and Nora on Tuesday November 3. 
Gloria M. Ron-Fornes