Over many years, I have had the good fortune to work with David in raising scholarship money for students at our alma mater, Dartmouth College. We are both proud of the fact that these efforts enable the college to be one of the few institutions that admits students without regard to their ability to pay.

David has always been an outstanding volunteer. He ascended to Head Agent, (meaning that he is in charge of all fund raising from our Class of 1978) and under his direction and by his hard work, we’ve recently completed a record-setting campaign of approximately $7 million that was collected just in this past reunion year. Such an impressive result allows the College to truly make a critical difference for so many deserving students and their families; a fact which I know matters greatly to David and to the rest of us, as well as to the College and those students who are helped.

His leadership, both in terms of direct outreach and in helping to build out our team, was instrumental to our success. I know that David gives back to our college in many, many ways, including service for about 15 years as President of the Dartmouth Club of Suburban NJ, which raises scholarship money specifically for local students. He serves as a Class Officer and has also been appointed recently to the prestigious Dartmouth Alumni Council. Based upon his dedicated work for our school, and because of who I know him to be, I wholeheartedly endorse David as Summit’s next At Large Council member.

Helen Lukash