SUMMIT, NJ - In a high-energy assembly that featured up-tempo music, a video presentation, and even an appearance by none-other-than Captain Pillar himself, Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School (L-H) debuted their 2014-15 "Pillars of Pride" initiative.

Lincoln-Hubbard principal Matt Carlin led the school's students through a dynamic, 50-minute, highly-interactive session that detailed the foundational and behavioral character tenets the school aspires to live every day.  Lincoln-Hubbard's pillars center on six key areas: Fairness, Respect, Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring, and Citizenship.
During the 2013-14 school year, L-H focused on Caring, Citizenship, and Fairness,.
Prior to announcing the two pillars that the school will focus on this year, Carlin and the students reviewed the components of the program, defining that pillars as important structural element that "support, and hold up," and that pride makes one "feel good" about themselves and their accomplishments.

The pillars the school will focus on for 2014-15 are Respect and Responsibility, and to illustrate the right and wrong way to show these behaviors, Carlin enlisted a group of students to perform a skit that humorously showed how not to act when in the lunch line.
Alarmed at the students mock-anarchy, Carlin noted that, "this is a job for Captain Pillar and The Pillar Patrol."  With that, Carlin launched the Pillar Patrol signal, a police car siren blared and, through a side door of the gym entered one of Summit's most-cherished super heroes - Captain Pillar.
Captain Pillar, who closely resembles Summit Police -- and D.A.R.E. -- officer Charlie Daly, told the students the proper way to behave and show respect and responsibility, and suggested to Carlin that he felt the students understood the "Pillars of Pride", would do much better in the future, and were more than up for the challenge of embracing the 2014-15 initiative.  
Saving the day, Captain Pillar was off, the students cheered, and the school's 2014-15 "Pillars of Pride" initiative had officially begun.