SUMMIT, NJ - As part of NJ Respect Week, students from Summit's Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School attended a series of assemblies entitled 'Ethics 101 - Jr.', which were led by representatives from Kent Place School's (KPS) Ethics Institute.

The goal of the assemblies was to promote the value of respect and kindness through the use of video prompts, discussion groups, engaging stories, role-plays and reenacted case studies. The “Ethics 101 - Jr.” program aims to reach a young student’s heart and mind, thereby educating the whole child.

Students were introduced to the concept of values through an interactive role-play of an ethical dilemma presented by KPS Middle School peer mediators.

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Matt Carlin, principal of the Lincoln-Hubbard School commented that the assemblies represent “a wonderful partnership between both our schools.”

The series of assemblies hosted at Lincoln-Hubbard School was designed to give students the tools and framework needed to feel empowered to develop their own sense of values, with which they can make competent and thoughtful ethical decisions.

“It was both a joy and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with the students, teachers and parents,” said Dr. Karen Reach, Director of the Ethics Institute. “Everyone was actively engaged in conversations that utilized a values-based ethical decision-making model to solve dilemmas that most children face in school and on the playground. Teaching children how to ‘live’ respect and kindness is much more effective in developing character than teaching them how "not" to bully someone.”

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