Beth Little is an excellent candidate for Summit Council. I am excited to vote for her in November, and here are a few reasons why:

Beth is passionate. I met her soon after I moved to Summit 9 years ago. It seemed that every way I turned, there she was volunteering, giving her time and energy to so many community causes, and exuding passion for the work. Beth doesn’t just sit on boards, but truly works “in the trenches” at the committee level. Beth does the research and the planning required to get a job done, and done well.

Beth is intelligent. She is a former child abuse prosecutor who uses her legal skills along with her “can do” spirit. When she’s presented with a problem, she does her homework so she can make an informed decision. She synthesizes the issues and works collaboratively with others to present a solution. I have seen this first hand when I served with her on the SEF board and grants committee.

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Beth cares about all parts of the Summit community, and that is what makes her a truly special candidate. She has no agenda other than making Summit the best it can be. With Beth on council, I know there will be a thoughtful and well-reasoned voice representing not just me and my family, but all of Summit.

Beth's skills and passion are exactly what Summit needs today. Please join me in voting for Beth Little for Summit Council, At Large, in November.

Julie Kimmel