Liz Cullen joined the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad in 1984 while a college student. Last week she received a commemorative pin marking her 25th year with the Squad. "I wanted to help people and not be one to turn away," Cullen said about joining the squad. "My lacrosse teacher (Steve Hadley) was on the squad as well as my best friend from high school, Beverly Dorl Brown, and her mom, Joan. They were significant influences." Bev Brown is also still an active squad member.

Over the years Ms. Cullen has held several different positions within the Squad, including Day Lieutenant and Crew Chief. She was also instrumental in the acquisition of a First Responder Vehicle for the First Aid Squad, and currently serves as Corresponding Secretary for the New Jersey State First Aid Council, of which she has been an active member for 15 years.

Says Cullen about her award, "The friendships I have made within my squad family, the First Aid Council, and within the Summit community are invaluable. I've been part of this wonderful group for so long, I don't really think about time."