As someone who has been lucky enough to call Summit home for 14 years, I’ve found that most everyone in Summit, regardless of political affiliation, agrees on some common goals: we want to keep our downtown vibrant, strengthen our excellent schools, and see our tax dollars spent responsibly.

Ward 2 voters are fortunate this year to have a choice between two candidates who are both clearly committed to our community, and two candidates whom many Summit residents can count among their closest and oldest friends.

But hard work isn’t enough, and we aren’t voting to decide which candidate is more popular around town. There are serious challenges facing Summit, and we deserve a representative on Common Council who will be ready to tackle these issues from the first day on the job.

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Only Marjorie Fox has presented voters with detailed, thoughtful policy proposals for how to achieve our shared goals.

In the course of this campaign, I have spent time talking one-on-one with each candidate, asking detailed questions about their perspective on the issues. Marjorie impressed me with specific policy proposals, like re-examining the tax abatements that are currently granted to downtown real estate owners when their storefronts sit vacant for many years, reversing the decision from Common Council to waste $300,000 on putting in cobblestones on our downtown streets, or creating incentives to increase the use of the upper floors of downtown buildings.

These kinds of detailed issues aren’t glamorous to wade through, but they are the foundation of a strong local government, a government that can help Summit continue to thrive and be a town we can all be proud to call home.

To support the kind of detail-oriented problem-solving that Common Council needs, please join me in electing Marjorie Fox to Common Council for Ward 2.

Jonathan Betz