Much like the current and potential customers he now courts and provides service to, new Grand Summit Hotel Senior Sales Manager Paul Rupert was looking for something special when he was exploring his next career move.

Based in Syracuse and representing a consortium of five properties on the east coast, Rupert was looking to take his skill set and mindset to a property that offered a "high touch, high quality atmosphere."

In a word -- unique.

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"There is something special about the feel and experience of an independent hotel," said Rupert. So, when he saw an opening at Summit's historic Grand Summit Hotel, he jumped at the opportunity.

After his initial interview and meeting, Rupert felt it was 'fit at first sight', as all of the boxes he was looking to check -- in sum, a customer-centric, team-oriented approach to hospitality management -- were checked with gusto at the historic Hilltop City destination.

Fortunately for all involved, General Manager Michael Marino and his team agreed, and the Binghamton native was soon headed for New Jersey.

In his new role just for just more than a month, Rupert has found that Hotel lives the words he heard during the interview process. "There is such a sense of equity that exudes from every person that works here. Everyone wants the event to be highly successful, even if it is not 'their event' per se."

According to Rupert, in addition to delivering a laser-like focus to client needs -- "whether it is a group of 15 or 400" -- the goal is to leave the customer and their valued guest with a truly memorable experience.

"You can go to a chain hotel and the memory will get lost in the shuffle of countless other experiences offering the same atmosphere, same vibe, same experience. When you host a meeting or event at The Grand Summit Hotel, everyone involved will leave with a memorable experience you cannot find anywhere else. You’ll leave remembering The Grand Summit."

And, this unique approach to customer hospitality begins with the customer interface. "Again, no matter the size, meeting and event organizers won't feel 'like a number', we make every client feel like they are the only client in the hotel."

Rupert can be reached by calling 908-272-3000, ext. 164 or by contacting