I can speak firsthand about how difficult a decision it is for a sitting Mayor to chime in the height of campaign season on an issue or a candidate. However, I sympathize with Mayor Radest who witnessed behavior that she felt offensive to the people she is entrusted to lead -- our police men and women. To not speak out would go against her moral fiber and could be viewed as tacit consent for such behavior.

The Mayor is not using her office to further the political gains of any candidate, but rather her voice as the leader of our city. I believe Mayor Radest would criticize the behavior of anyone who deserved it. The mayor is acting exactly as a mayor should by calling out inappropriate behavior at a non-partisan community event that was about unity and support for one another. I am surprised that Mr. Getzendanner would not realize this. A memorial walk is not the proper setting for a campaigning -- at its core it is disrespectful to the fallen officer’s family and his larger police family.

The mayor’s call for civility should be heeded by all. As the campaigns move forward, I hope the focus will be on the issues and qualifications of each candidate, and not overshadowed by bad behavior.

Jordan Glatt