SUMMIT, NJ – Mayor Ellen Dickson will host a second public input session as part of the ongoing Downtown Planning Study initiative. The town hall meeting will take place at City Hall on Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

The City has contracted with Burgis Associates Inc., experts in planning in north Jersey, to establish a development strategy focusing on future land use, transportation, economic development and design standards. The study is also examining the potential expansion of the downtown streetscape to adjacent blocks and the integration of pedestrian-friendly amenities and improvements on streets and alleyways.

Parking and signage will be the focus of this second public input session. Participation from the community is essential to the creation of an on-target, and meaningful plan. Members of the general public, business owners and people interested in the downtown are encouraged to take part. Ongoing feedback is encouraged at

The meeting will be cablecast live on the G Channels on CouncilVision (Fios 30 and Comcast 34).