SUMMIT, NJ - Mayor Ellen Dickson and members of the Summit Board of Education welcomed his Royal Majesty Dada Tossoh Gbaguidi XIII of the Republique du Benin in West Africa for a one-day visit to Summit to share about African culture and in celebration of Black History Month.

It is the second time this year that the King has visited Summit to better understand education practices in our country to positively influence the education system in his West African village.

A highlight of the King’s visit was an assembly at Lincoln Hubbard School, where students and faculty met the King and his entourage.  His Royal Majesty shared a message of wisdom from his village elders, and spoke about his vibrant African culture and challenges faced by his country today.  He also bestowed blessings over the students, faculty, and other invited guests.

At the conclusion of his visit, Mayor Dickson presented His Royal Majesty with a key to the City of Summit.