As Vice Chairman of the Summit Republican City Committee, I would like to urge all Summit Republicans to get out and vote on November 4th.

We have a fantastic ticket, starting at the top. Senator John McCain's record over 25 years of public service and over 20 years of military service demonstrates who he truly is, despite the best attempts of Senator Obama, through unprecedented spending on negative campaigning, and the media, through shockingly disproportionate reporting, to show differently. He is a great man, a great American hero, and the perfect man to lead the country, and our Party. John McCain's long record indicates his Administration will be open-minded, bipartisan, and built on a foundation of responsible, conservative principles. He represents the future of the GOP, a Republican who can reach independents and Democrats by virtue of his unwavering dedication to country, tolerance of others, and independent mind.

Moreover, the rest of the ticket is pretty darn good too. State Senator Leonard Lance, our candidate for Congress, best demonstrated his knowledge of the issues, dedication to the people of New Jersey, and spirit of bipartisanship in two excellent debate performances. Dick Zimmer offers an excellent alternative to six more years of Senator Frank Lautenberg. Mike Yakubov, John Russitano, and Joe Franchino, our candidates for freeholder, represent an opportunity stop the madness in Union County, where literally hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are being flushed down the toilet. And finally, Mike Vernotico and Ellen Dickson are up for re-election to City Council, ready to continue their successful service of our fine town.

This is an important election, one in which Americans will have a clear choice on election day, one between inexperience and experience, between an economic policy based on "spreading the wealth around," and an economic policy based on pro-growth tax cuts for everyone. The country needs to hear your voice, and the GOP needs your vote. So please, make sure this election day, you participate in our great democracy, and vote!