One of our favorite condiments for The Meat House surf and turfs we sell is CAMP MIX.

Like most small business ventures, theirs started by accident. Their family has been avid campers for more than 40 years. Prior to a trip, many years ago, Tom, wanting to conserve space in the kitchen supply box, mixed the contents of various seasoning bottles (in a measured way) in one bottle. After he set up the camp kitchen, he simply told everyone that if they wanted any kind of seasoning that they could find it all in that one bottle. Well, by the end of the weekend people were literally trying to steal the bottle to take it home. And, as happens, the most appropriate name for this new concoction was CAMP MIX!

Why just grill when you can add some spunk and flavor to your meat and seafood that the whole family will enjoy?  Prep for CAMP MIX is fast and easy! Just unscrew the cap and you are ready! CAMP MIX is an all-in-one seasoning mixture of garlic, onion, black pepper, salt, white pepper and celery salt. But why stop at the meat and seafood…..add it to our soups, salad from our salad bar, sauces and gravies, corn-on-the-cob or wash a little of it down with your Bloody Mary’s!

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 Still afraid to MIX it up?  When you stop in at the Meat House to purchase your $30 of bone-in-meat June 15 and 16, you will receive a free bottle of CAMP MIX Original.  Remember CAMP MIX is not to be eaten alone, pick up some steaks, seafood and salads as the necessary accessories.

 Remember CAMP MIX doesn’t like to leave anything uncovered

Spud Fixin’ CAMP MIX for every style of potatoes, soups, salads or on some popcorn.

Our Lemon Pepper CAMP MIX for fish and other seafood, chicken, steak, pork, lamb and vegetables. Sprinkle lightly into tossed salads, gravies and marinades.

Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX Don't be shy about giving it a try on buttered toast, pancakes and waffles, on hot or cold cereal, as well as in your coffee or tea or on top of your vanilla ice cream or apple pie or fruits!

Maple Sugar CAMP MIX is great on toasted bagels or buttered toast, on french toast, pancakes or waffles, muffins? Hot or cold cereal? ... woo-hoo! In your coffee or tea? ... whoopee! How about on a sliced apple?

As you can see, we are crazy about CAMP MIX! Not only are we giving away a FREE CAMP MIX over Father’s Day weekend, but for the entire month of June we are selling Original CAMP MIX for just $2.99. Now that’s a deal!